Acheter des billets moins chers

Acheter des billets moins chers

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Service clients efficace

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Voyager facilement grâce aux billets électroniques

Voyager facilement grâce aux billets électroniques

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Modifications rapides et remboursements

Modifications rapides et remboursements

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What is Split Tickets?

Split ticketing is when you buy more than 1 ticket to take a journey. The journey is broken into several sections, with a separate ticket for each part.

What Is Split Ticketing?

For example, When travelling from Station A to Station C, you would typically expect to buy a direct ticket. However, it may be significantly cheaper to purchase a ticket from A to B and then another ticket from B to C. This allows you to buy two separate tickets for the same journey and save money.The same principle applies when buying tickets for more than two stations.

Take Manchester to London as an example: Choose the cheapest price route with the most change times, you’ll find it gets cheaper £22.00 than the original price, it’s £46.60.

Generally, you won’t have to get off the train, unless your journey includes a change of trains. But remember, the train must stop at the station where your tickets change. Please note the transfer station and time to avoid missing the train.

Why Should You Try Split Tickets With TrainPal?

0 %

68% available Split tickets of total searched routes

0 %

20% averaged saving for ticket fares

£ 0

£ 418.76 at most being saved on a journey

How to use Split Tickets?

Buy Split tickets on TrainPal and save 99% of the trouble. Using Split Tickets, you don't need to buy a separate ticket for each part like you do at the station. We sort out all the cheap Split ticket routes for you.

  • Step 1

    Step 1

    Enter your From and To destinations

  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Choose the desired route

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Make the payment

trainpal app

You'll receive a QR code ticket, then just stay on the train and show your QR code, which represents your ticket for each leg of the journey.

However, if your Split tickets are made up of flexible fares (Anytime, Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak) then you may be able to take different trains, as long as they stop at stations where your tickets 'split'. Please check your ticket information carefully, maybe you don't necessarily have to change trains where your tickets 'split'.

👀 Important Information of Using Split Tickets

  1. Your train needs to make a stop at the station where you are changing your tickets in order to let passengers off and pick up new ones.
  2. You must have the right tickets for your entire journey and also carry any Railcards that were used.
  3. It is important to ensure that you still travel at the scheduled time and on the appropriate train according to the type of ticket you have purchased.

Train Delay Repay, Cancellation and Refunds

The same rules on Standard Tickets Delays & Compensation, Cancel & Refund also apply to Split Tickets. Please refer to the table below to check if you are eligible for changes or refunds. For more detailed information, please explore our ticket type webpage.

Ticket TypeChangeRefund
Advance ticket
Off-Peak ticket/Super Off-Peak ticket(only valid on the date shown on the ticket)
Anytime ticket
Season ticket(also called changeover, at least 7 days remaining)
Flexi Season Tickets

Save More With TrainPal Split Tickets Finder

Our TrainPal Split Tickets Finder sorts out all the cheap Split ticket routes and sets a reminder of the cheapest Split Ticket of the day for your comparison. We also provide some combinations of Split tickets and other ways to buy Split tickets to help you save more.

How does Split Tickets save you money?

By splitting your journey into separate tickets, you can save money by taking advantage of how train fares work in the UK. The price of tickets in the UK depends on the train company, how long the journey is, and whether it's during peak or Off-Peak times.

Split ticketing at Off-Peak windows open

The largest savings for Split tickets usually happen at the times of day Peak times end and Off-Peak windows open, such as the morning and evening rush hours.

Flexible Split ticketing

What's more, you may find it even cheaper if you are open to a flexible journey. Flexible Split ticketing, similar to fixed Split ticketing, offers additional choices of travel times and routes.

Split Tickets Reviews on TrainPal


No Extra Cost

Use trainpal exclusively now for booking train tickets - good clear information and split ticketing options included at no extra cost


Split Tickets Save me a lot

Splits the tickets for you..instead of you doing it yourself..I go from north to south a lot...usually saves me at least 50 pound a month


Always a Way to Save

Love this app use it daily there is always a way to save money split fares are great.


Really useful and so much cheaper

This app is such a useful tool if you travel lots as it is so much cheaper and so much more convenient than other services because of the split fares …


FAQs About Split Tickets

Are split tickets legal?

Yes, split ticketing is perfectly legal and is allowed by the National Conditions of Carriage, under which all train operating companies on the national rail network operate.

Will split-ticketing work on all journeys?

To get your route at the price listed, the tickets you buy (and the journey you take) need to exactly match the tickets shown. This includes ticket type (e.g. Peak or Off-peak), destination and journey time. Otherwise it may cost more.

Does split-ticketing work with railcards?

Yes. You're just buying normal tickets and, provided your railcard is valid on them, there's no problem. On odd occasions splitting without using a railcard works out even cheaper.

Can I split advance tickets?

Yes. The savings can be fantastic. We offer split tickets with all ticket types: Advance, Off-peak, Anytime, and other types that you could find. You may find it much cheaper with advance split tickets.

How do I change my split tickets?

Split tickets that include Advance tickets: Please make a new booking before the departure time of your original ticket, then let us know the new booking number by going to "My Bookings" > "Change", or going to the account section and selecting "Contact Us". One of our customer support agents will then help you change your original Advance ticket.

Can I get refund for my split ticket?

Whether you can cancel split tickets depends on the types of ticket you have: (1) If your booking includes a combination of Advance and Flexible tickets, you can cancel the Flexible ones. (2) If all of your tickets are Flexible, you can choose to only cancel part of your itinerary or cancel the whole trip. (3) If all of your tickets are Advanced, your booking is non-refundable.

Find more Cheap train tickets buying guides

To make your train journey cheaper, consider using a train fare finder to compare prices and find the cheap train tickets. Additionally, booking in advance, travelling during Off-Peak times, and purchasing a Railcard for discounts are also good saving tips. Keep an eye out for promotions and special offers with our Cheap Train Ticket Finder. Save money on your train tickets and enjoy a more affordable journey.


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